March 20, 2020, was the last time I had contact with the real world minus my wildcard, my nurse who visited the following week. I call her my wildcard because her daughter was exposed to the first reported case of the Coronavirus in Yavapai County where I live. My nurse diligently contacted the Center For Disease Control and Infectious Disease, sitting on the phone for hours, laboring to find answers to the question, “Am I okay to see patients?” When her daughter tested negative for COVID-19, she was told that her chances of spreading the disease were as likely as anyone else. I was given the option; proceed with my infusion for Immune Deficiency or take my chances without. With five weeks since my last infusion plus major travel, I felt there was a greater risk not having my treatment and maintaining a normal immune system during a pandemic. I invited my nurse to come to my home and proceed.

In March, it felt odd and scary to go out. Of course, I had the privilege of being outside hiking daily so all was good in my world. In April, things around the planet seemed to finally settle. The NEW order was taking hold and people recognized that everyone was in the same boat; struggling with dis-ease. On May 13, 2020, the state of Arizona opened the gate and the energy shifted considerably.  When the gate swung open, it was as if nothing was wrong, there was NO virus, we were back to normal. Watching the numbers climb on a daily basis in Arizona I know how wrong people were then and how it is affecting us now. 

I have heard so many people say, “I’m done with this,” I think done with what? The threat to your health, your life is still very real. “I just want things to go back to normal.” There is no normal. If you haven’t taken that away from the last few months you are living in a fantasy world. “We need the economy back.” True, but at what cost? We know that if we jump back in too quickly all of the progress made will be lost and it will take more to recover. Presently, the USA is accountable for 1/4 of the COVID-19 cases and the numbers are still climbing. A real shame and a great loss!

So here we are sitting with The NEW… normal, hardly! I like the phrase ~The New ~ because it sums things up. Normal, the thing we counted on as reliable, familiar, friendly even, is GONE! Each day is NEW. Every moment is NEW. Not a bad thing, just a NEW thing!

Every day the news feed of my mind rolls incredible stories. Some are great, some are sad, some are old, some are NEW. The thing is, all are based on my past experiences. Travel is a large part of my life. In April, I was supposed to be in NYC and Washington DC to play and be with friends I have known since I was 5 years old. Of course, the trip was canceled and I easily let it go. The New NYC ~ deserted, infected, shutdown. Even the lights on Broadway were extinguished. A location where you could always find lights blazing, traffic humming, restaurants thriving, tourists shuffling, people hustling; all quieted by dis-ease. My mind knows NYC and DC through my memories which are terrific. I have had amazing times in both places. The NEW; foreign, scary, shut in; not a place for me. Gratitude for being in nature and being fed fresh air daily, that is my reality. 

In May, the gate flies open and it feels like everything is back to normal. People in my state are out and about. I see folks gathering at the bars in Scottsdale, hanging out as if it is Spring Break. It’s packed. The only mask I see is on the face of a bouncer who is overseeing the crowd and laughing. I notice that by the lift of his mask and the creases by his eyes. Prescott follows as they open for festivals and gatherings in the town square. Even The World’s Oldest Rodeo is scheduled to launch over the July 4th weekend. Some things change, some remain the same.

Being an energy therapist, I pick up on energy daily. I feel my fire energy engage, we are ready to GO! My mind feeds me stories daily, travel is on the horizon. Each day I watch my inner screen as it projects a new place, a new destination, and I want to follow to make it a reality. 

In July, I have an to opportunity to go home to see my family in Chicago. I have a place to stay with a pool, the thing I miss most right now. But how to get there and stay well, that’s the million dollar question. From Chicago, I can stay for FREE in the Caribbean. Again, water draws me and I think of spending my days swimming in the Caribbean Sea, being with friends, enjoying my island life. How do I get there and stay well? 

As a kid I watched Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. Oh, to have the power to snap my fingers or blink my eyes and be where I long to be. Maybe someday we will transport ourselves energetically and not have to rely on planes, trains and automobiles. But for now, that is what it takes to journey beyond the borders. 

Should I stay or should I go now? Considering The NEW I have to stop myself and consider many things. I ask myself daily, “Is that the right thing to do?” Desires drive me to want things to be NORM so I can go back to my good life and travel at will, see those I love, to create new memories. But what if The NEW is a hospital visit and the journey is suffering and illness? There is nothing wrong here at home, I remind myself. I tell my brain, Yes, that was great. Thanks for the memory. There will be more but not now. I have everything I need. I know you want more. It’s all different.

If you don’t feel different from what has happened and what is happening then I’m not sure you are truly here. I have not gotten swept away by news and thoughts of others. I have noticed the energy of the planet and the people who call it HOME. I hope that they can tame their fire and settle into what is right in front of them; that is The NEW. 

Each night I continue my ritual of circling and chanting to the stars, “Peace & Love.” This is my NEW and I like to feel it is my way of helping the people of the world to heal, to be kind, to know that normal is a thing of the past and The NEW is here to stay. What you do with it is up to you. Remember, the mind is a trickster, it feeds you things that may help but it may hurt. It is up to you to follow the path that serves you, as well as others, best. At this time, there may be heavy consequences to pay for our actions. Maybe you will stay well. Maybe you will harm others. Maybe you will find better ways to be in this world. Maybe you will embrace The NEW. Be well…. Nancy T

The NEW ~ Dedicated to Raymond… thanks Daddy.