Peace & Love

By nature, I am a night person. The quiet of the night allows me to get things done without the chaos of the world disturbing my peace. 6PM is the start of my awakening, perhaps because my birth began at 6:17PM. All I can say is, life is different as the sun sets and the moon rises. 

Since March, my nightly ritual includes stepping outside to take in the stars. With COVID-19 circulating throughout the world, I’d look skyward and say, Peace and Love, Peace and Love to the world, over and over again in a 360º turn. Lacking the ability to physically touch others, I felt this was a way to reach out, to be felt and seen, to see and to feel the energy of planet Earth. The crisp mountain air seemed to push the stars closer to my view. The stars were clearly talking to me and I to them. Peace and Love coursed through my heart and extended to my limbs, filling me with the gift of Peace and Love. 

As doors opened, I had great hope that people would exit their domain with more Peace and Love. Unfortunately, the pendulum swung and the fire ignited. So, here we are. 

At first this upset me greatly. Although that still lives in me, I continue my chant Peace and Love, Peace and Love to the world! Each of us has an impact here. My nightly practice will continue, quite possibly the rest of my life. It reminds me of what serves me and deep down what serves all of humanity. It may not stop the hate, the violence, the unrest, but my incantation allows me to hold space. As a therapist, I know the importance of holding space in therapy and how most people need this more than anything else. They need to be heard AND they need to listen. They need Peace and Love. I urge you to do your part, however that looks. Be well… Nancy T