The Pause

The Pause that was felt ’round the world ~ COVID-19. As the world is OPENING its doors again, I feel the energy increase. The need to “get out” and be with people is an incredible draw. Still, I step back and ponder The Pause.

Initially, The Pause felt settling. It felt like people as a whole were able to breathe. Perhaps a strange thing to say as COVID-19 affected the lungs. In therapy, The Pause is where true healing takes place. It is scary at times to take The Pause, but it holds incredible benefits.

In trauma therapy, there comes a time when a client approaches the line in the sand. As you might guess, that is a challenge just as it is in a game of Tug of War. In the game, you are pulled and you pull back. It goes back and forth until someone is yanked over the line. For some, that may have been the response to the Coronavirus. Whether we liked it or not, we were holding a rope on one end. What I saw on one side was fear,  on the other side love and compassion. For someone in trauma, this may be how they live daily. However, when trust is established in therapy, The Pause feels like a miracle. 

I am speaking from personal and professional experience. The Pause goes like this in therapy. The client is going back and forth with an issue or trauma. The body charges ahead trying to find balance. At some point, there is The Pause. In Polarity Therapy, we call this Being. It’s not about Doing, it’s just about Being. Being is one of the greatest challenges of all. Many would rather continue the Tug of War without ever taking a breath, without ever experiencing The Pause. 

At the beginning of the “Stay at Home” or “Shelter in Place” orders, it felt like people were happy to take a break, to breathe again. Not just to take air in, but to feel the Breath of Life, the Life Force Energy settle a bit. For some, they were unable to maintain The Pause. They needed to start DOING. Others embraced it and found gratitude for healthcare workers, first responders, teachers, grocery store employees, and most especially, the INTERNET! For the first time in history, we connected with people we loved while an Earth-changing crisis was happening. Humans opened the door to change. 

Even with all that we have, countless ways to reach out, and SEE those we love, people still complained.

The Pause gave us an opportunity, what we did with it was as individual as we are. For me, I continued to live my good life knowing I was well, my family was well, my friends were well, my clients were well. Gosh, what else can we ask for? A chance to breathe, love, and connect. That was good for ME.

So now what? Things are shifting quickly. People are moving back into the game. Perhaps they have more of themselves to play fully, or they may have lost everything. There is much in between. What happens to The Pause? It’s my hope that more people recall the good that came from it. That they are able to process better and appreciate more. That they value their health and know that we are more connected than we ever thought possible. That they find compassion for themselves and others. That they are kind and caring. That they know The Pause and use it without the entire world having to shut down to feel it in every fiber of their being. That they know we are all here for a limited time, why not be here in LOVE? That they know…. Be well ~ Nancy T

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