Fear & Resources

Not surprisingly, FEAR is the first response in many situations. This is especially true when we face a crisis and we are uncertain of the outcome. Although we may have wanted change, even needed it, how it presents itself is key to how we respond. With the Coronavirus, it’s reasonable that FEAR took hold rather quickly. Some people have stayed in fear while others have found a rhythm that works; a new way of being in this ever-changing world. 

Personally, I have opened my RESOURCE drawer. Resources are a recurring theme in my book, “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life.” *

~ An asset to trauma therapy is helping clients become aware of their resources. By definition, resources can be possessions, enjoyable activities, favorite places or colors; things that bring people back to their center, to the present moment. Resources build a person up and awaken the spirit to meet life’s challenges.* ~ Presently, resources are imperative. Without them, fear will take hold and not let go. We need to find what is working and stay present to it. The more we can do that, the better we will be for ourselves and the world. 

~ Change is not necessarily easy although it is simple. Taking one step at a time with a bundle of resources in hand is highly recommended.* ~ Finding what works for YOU is critical especially with so much unknown. Change is the only constant. 

~ With a boatload of resources in my pocket, revisiting unpleasant memories or locations has been a blessing time and time again.* ~ Resources benefit us in good times and in bad times. Using our resources when we are having difficulty provides amazing results. 

~ Remember, resources consist of anything that brings the person back to their center, to the present moment. They build a person up and awaken the spirit to meet life’s challenges. A written record of personal resources is not only beneficial, it is very wise to compile resources. It serves as a reference in times of need.* ~ When we are in crisis it is impossible to think clearly. A resource list is the gift that keeps on giving. 

~ Much of the time, we wear our resources: our grandmother’s necklace, a favorite color, even a tattoo. Moods may sway just by thinking about a resource. People in our lives may be considered resources, however, they may not be the most reliable resources.* ~ Many times clients refer to a friend or family member who they think are their resource. Although that is terrific, people’s busy lives can get in the way and they may not be able to be there when needed. 

~ Knowing what our resources are and using them to benefit ourselves is important.* ~ To have a list of resources is great but if you don’t use them, it is just another catalog. Putting resources into action is what changes your life. 

~ When clients become aware of their resources, empowerment unfolds. As previously mentioned, a wonderful way to always have this powerful energy close at hand is to make a list of resources. Inevitably, when we are down and out, trying to think of something to center ourselves becomes a chore. However, with a resource list, all you need to do is consult it and something is bound to change your day. Keep in mind that resourcing is a self-serving practice, not a practice to please or satisfy anyone else.* ~ Ah, pleasing ourselves. What a novel concept! It is called a practice for a reason. One step at a time. Make a list, utilize your resources, and experience how your life improves. 

~ Moods may sway just by thinking about a resource. People in our lives may be considered resources, however, they may not be the most reliable resources. A few examples of my resources are water in all forms, walking in the forest, journaling, and sitting by the Caribbean Sea or other bodies of water.* ~ Honestly, without my resources I’d be in the Looney Bin. I write daily and it still surprises me what comes out. Water soothes me on so many levels that I’m grateful beyond measure to have clean fresh water in my life. To feel water run over my back as I swim is a sensation I never tire of and never will. It’s magical. 

~ Resources benefit clients who quickly dive too deep while accessing a trauma. They also assist clients in simply being with themselves. Knowing what our resources are and using them to benefit ourselves is important.* ~ Trauma Therapy or Somato-Emotional Therapy is of great importance, but it can be extremely difficult if you don’t have proper ways of dealing with what arises. Resources help people to be in the present moment and deal with life from a centered, loving place. 

~ When I was off kilter, water, hiking, and writing all came into play. However, knowing my resources and intentionally using them consciously focused my energy on pleasing activities that facilitated my healing.* ~ To simply know what helps will only take you so far. You need to move your feet and put your resources into action. That is what allows you to maintain proper balance and strive. 

~ My resources multiplied and I utilized them for personal gain. In the process, I invited more of myself home, creating a healing reunion. Yet another piece of my life’s jigsaw puzzle fell into place, adding to the total picture.* ~ To me, there is no greater gift than being at HOME with myself. Resourcing provides that like nothing I have ever experienced. 

Please take the time to walk through the FEAR to find the LOVE. Resourcing will assist you each and every step of the way. Be well… Nancy T

* RESOURCE excerpts from “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life” which is available at http://naturalmassagetherapy.com/books/ as well as Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble. Please do not copy or reprint without permission from NMT. Thanks.

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