Staying Well

April 18, 2018: With “Have A Little Faith In Me” playing through my headphones, I sat uncomfortably in a hard recliner chair at Yavapai Regional Medical Center. Thankful for the music guiding my focus, a nurse inserted a small catheter into my arm and a blood product called Immunoglobulin (Ig) slowly dripped into my vein for the next 3 1/2 hours. 

Nothing prepares you for certain things in life. There may come a time when you have to make tough decisions about your life because your health is on the line. I‘m not referring to a broken bone or a cold. This “event” may take your life away.

The recent global reaction to COVID-19 may or may not be the “event.” In some ways, I feel like I have a two-year head start on all of the uncertainty. Each day warnings change, questions arise, and people try to wrap their minds around the Coronavirus and its impact upon our lives. This has become a worldwide awakening to illness. It is something I consider daily regardless of what virus is floating around. 

When I first discovered my immune deficiency (Ig Def.), for which I am presently being treated, every cough, sneeze, or runny nose expressed by another person heightened my awareness. During my first infusion, I chose to wear a mask because I was sick and the hospital provided no isolation for care. All of the patients in the infusion center had compromised systems whether it was cancer or Ig Def. It was an appropriate time for isolation, yet there was no room nor protocol for social distance. Feeling awful, I thought of others as well as myself when I walked into the hospital for treatment. Yet, I wondered how wise it was to expose people who had compromised systems to be in my presence. 

Today, more and more people are being educated on the spread of disease. I hope it takes hold and continues beyond this pandemic.

In 2018, I semi-isolated. I stayed home more than I went out. I kept to myself and I used allopathic as well as natural healing practices to maintain my health. But, I also went on with my life. For months, I questioned if I would see my family again. In October 2018, I was thrilled to be back with my family at my parent’s 65th Wedding Anniversary party. However, when someone warned me to stay clear of their sick child I laughed inside knowing that just being in the same house opened the door for me to catch something. So many things are in the air, on surfaces, within easy reach of us. Having a “normal” immune system helps to combat disease, but it doesn’t always keep us well. This fact is becoming clearer to the masses as people pay attention to the spread of COVID-19. 

Common health practices are being emphasized these days. To have to be told to wash your hands or to cough into your sleeve or to stay away from others when you are sick seems like “no brainers,” yet many of these practices are avoided and disregarded. Today, with the Coronavirus, people are starting to pay attention to the basics; scrubbing their hands like they are going into surgery; keeping a personal space of 6’; isolating themselves and their families; looking at other people as a possible threat; so many changes. But I wonder how long that will last once the virus and fear subside. I will continue with the good practices that have kept me healthy for the past two years. I can only hope that others follow suit for my sake as well as the benefit of all.

I don’t know where this is going or how it will all play out. I do know that I am going to live my life as fully as possible for as long as possible. When your life is threatened, it may make life sweeter. For me, I did what I had to do to keep my good life going and I accepted infusions to provide immunity. It was something I thought I would NEVER do. This is a time of seeing what we NEVER thought we’d do. 

In Polarity Therapy, there is a saying; “The whole is the sum of its parts and parts make up the whole.” We are seeing how true that is with this virus showing us how interconnected we are and how we impact each other.

These days things are changing rapidly. When I was first undergoing treatment, I had more questions than answers. That’s how I see people now. It’s scary when you think you can get sick and die. That you may or may not see those you love. But when you embrace the life you have and live it to the fullest, then the amount of time isn’t as important as each moment. For your sanity, ask “How am I right now?” Following that feeling is the best you can do. If you feel good, appreciate that and feel it in every cell of your body. If you are scared, feel that and explore ways to find what is working to dissipate the fear. Sometimes, it’s as simple as being grateful for clean water to drink or in this case, for toilet paper to wipe your bottom. We still have it all. 

I plan to get back to my mission of being FULLY in my life. For now, I’ll continue to do my part and when paralysis (worry, fear, anxiety) enters I will sit with it and let it pass like the clouds. I will walk each day and be grateful for each step and breath that carries me through this life. I am a fortunate one. For that and so much more, I am grateful. It took me decades to get here and I will do my best to show others it is possible to live a rich, full life.* Since I can’t physically touch people, I am also offering audio recordings to help people support the health of their lungs.**

Prior to writing, I was out walking in the rain. Some may think this is crazy, but walking is my daily practice. With no one else in sight, it felt as though I was the last human roaming the Earth. It was eerie and magical. Absorbing the scenery, I noticed the Manzanita bushes had pink flower bells hanging from them indicating spring had sprung regardless of disease. The rain swept across the landscape removing the mountains normally present on a clear day. Sitting on a rock, I thought of mankind and this pandemic. I contemplated my own life these past two years; the fear, the unknown, the questions. And then I felt all of the love in my life. I allowed that to flow through every cell of my being and then I saw it all before me. As the moisture sailed over me, the sun peeked through and I sent that love out to the world. At that moment, all was well in my world. Wishing you all the same. Be well… Nancy T

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One thought on “Staying Well

  1. Thank you Nancy, for your words about the last two years and receiving immunotherapy. Your focus on loving and living helps me to live today.

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