My Kinda Town

My Kinda Town – Chicago is. . . . 

Chicago has always been divided into the Southside and the Northside. I grew up on the Southside in an Irish – Catholic neighborhood. No Irish blood runs in my veins but the nuns still show up. Introducing myself as a Southsider people comment, “You’re not black.” I look at my white skin, rubbed it, and reply, “No.” In my neighborhood, there was a line distinctly drawn between black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods. Western Avenue was the dividing line in my life. 

Looking back on Chicago’s history, I would say the greatest thing that happened was when Mrs. O’Leary’s cow started the Great Chicago Fire. Although the fire itself was an enormous tragedy, an amazing lakefront formed in Chicago as a result. 

Back in the day, the railroad and stockyard consumed Chicago’s lakefront. From what I have read, parks were always a part of the plan to attract tourists and locals alike, but finances leaned toward animal products back in the day. It took many years, huge revenue, and extraordinary effort to make Chicago’s lakefront one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the USA.

Lake Michigan makes Chicago unique. Although Lake Michigan is a freshwater lake, it is more unpredictable than the ocean. In my sailing years, I learned a great deal about the lake and how quickly things can change on Lake Michigan. The view of Chicago’s skyline from the water is stunning, especially at night. As the sun sets, the skyscrapers light up. One day I walked the lakefront and then my friend Bob picked me up on his boat and I took it all in from the water. It was quite a day in Chicago. 

The city of Chicago is linked together by a walkway that goes along the water, through parks and leading to museums. From the Shedd Aquarium and Planetarium to Millennium Park, you can enjoy the sights. With gardens galore and Buckingham Fountain standing in the midst of it all, it is definitely something to see and experience. Throughout the summer, people from all over the world are drawn to Chicago for sights, sounds, food, and fun. 

Unfortunately, due to violence, people miss out on Chicago. One client told me he would never tour. That saddens me because Chicago is MY KINDA TOWN… friendly people, music, food, beaches, museums, and a lakefront you can walk for miles and miles. One of my favorite places to sit is by Buckingham Fountain. If you haven’t visited, perhaps you will cross the divide and check out ~ Chicago, Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town.

Happy Holidays. May 2020 be dazzling. Be well… Nancy T