Honor Yourself

Photo on 8-18-18 at 9.32 AM“Honor Yourself.” Over the past week, I have spoken those words a half dozen times. After class, two people were talking about shoulder injuries. One, an older gentleman, just underwent surgery; the other, a young woman, was warned that if she didn’t stop much of her physical activity she would be facing serious injury. The young woman looked crushed when she spoke of NOT doing what she loved to do. The gentleman, standing before her in a sling, described the severity of his pain before and after surgery. I added to the conversation by saying, “Honor Yourself. If you don’t do it now, you will pay later.” The young woman looked at me as if I was mad, “How can I go without rock climbing, mountain biking….” I understood that she felt her world was crumbling; to her not being active was the end of the world.

To Honor Yourself  may be difficult. Personally, I have overridden my system, especially in my youth. However, my body was more forgiving then, or at least the recovery time was less.

As the words, Honor Yourself, continued to pour from my lips I had to ask myself, “Are you honoring yourself?” That afternoon I desperately wanted to take a swim, but when I listened to what my body needed I landed in my hammock and proceeded to drift away. I honored myself with rest.

To Honor Yourself is a terrific practice. It keeps you on track. It keeps you healthy. It keeps you in the moment. It keeps you safe. It keeps you going in life. Take a little time to practice and you will find that to Honor Yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. Be well… Nancy T