Life has a funny way of taking you places you never dreamed of. In my case, that has included being suspended in mid-air absorbing the sights of Sedona in a hot air balloon to finally getting new kitchen countertops installed. From the most pleasurable experience to the most nonsensical stress. All that and more has kept me from writing my blog. I have no regrets, as my life has been rich and full. If you follow or followed my blog, you may have noticed the lack of posts over the last six months. I apologize for dropping out.

Presently, I am on a flight to Cali ~ that’s Cali-for-nia. This is my b-day weekend. Honestly, since my b-day falls mid-week, next weekend may be as well. I’ll be turning 55 ~ double nickels to coin a phrase. Although turning 50 was magical when 19 members of my family “SURPRISED” me in Phoenix, this b-day feels special internally. For the past 5 years, I have done my best to connect with me and more deeply with my soul. Numerous practices have paid off. I actually feel happy in my life AND with myself. I couldn’t always say that. In fact, I lived most of my life wondering, “Why I am here?” In my head, I hear myself telling my grandma Lil, “You are here for US!” What a great thing, being here just to be here! To me, that means sharing my life with others. It’s not about how I’m contributing to the world. That train of thought left me paralyzed much of my life.

Recently, a new client asked about my therapy training. When I described how I became a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, she said, “So you were just wasting time.” I laughed. “Yes, in a way, I was just wasting time;” waiting to get into a Physical Therapy program and avoiding work. However, as life goes, I was living; discovering new things, engaging in activities I never knew existed, processing my fall from a cliff, connecting with Ronny and Mel, watching hot air balloons fly around the Sandia Peaks, wondering how the body works, and thinking “what if” I can help others through touch. Just like that, life showed me a new way of being.

That’s life! Plan and let go. I’m still working on the last part. For now, the plan is to keep being kind to myself, to keep sharing what I know and what I have learned with others, to keep traveling, to keep being with people I love, to keep doing life.

My 55th b-day wish… “To keep loving my LIFE”… it’s a keeper. Be well… Nancy T

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