A Wish

Last year at this time, I was meandering along the Great Ocean Road in Australia. There was beauty around each turn. A former art gallery became our Christmas home which made our stay magical. Green, red, and blue parrots entertained us from the yard. The ocean filled my spirit and chilled my core letting me know I was alive and well down under. After scouring Apollo Bay for Christmas dinner, a pizza became the take away of choice. On the drive home, I found myself blowing into a breathalyzer in order to pass through the Australian police stop. All were unique Christmas experiences, noted in my memory for future recall.

This year Prescott, with its 60˙temps, filled my time. Family and friends reached out, sending good cheer. Presents, good food, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and a mellow evening created my Christmas at home for 2017. It too had it’s unique qualities.

My new year’s wish, if I’m fortunate enough to have one: “May 2018 be filled with love, peace and joy.” It seems like a simple wish on paper, but it is grand in the scheme of things. Australia had been on my wish list for most of my life. I’m hoping this year’s wish list won’t take as long to fulfill. There is magic in wishes, especially when they come true.  Enjoy the season. Be well… Nancy T