Soft Tissue

As my hands ran along the spine my client, Shirley, flinched a bit. I slowed my hands, took a breath, and ask, “Did you feel that?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“That is your tissue, it’s a bit lumpy?”


In my mind, I see Shirley running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Tears form in my eyes as I witness an emotional scene. Aloud I say, “Life can be busy and we tend to get caught up in it. Sometimes we hold on to things; things that are ours and things that are others. These things build in the body and make the tissue hard. Muscle tissue is meant to be soft, thus the term, SOFT TISSUE.” My hands continue to work. Eventually, I feel the tissue softens as if it heard me whisper, be soft. I ask Shirley, “Do you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

This is such a common reply that after thirty-two years in the therapy field it makes me smile. People don’t feel their bodies, they “think” them; meaning they think they are tight or loose. I continue to run my hands along Shirley’s spine. “Follow my hands. Do you feel them on your back?”


“As you feel my hands touching you, can you feel how smooth it is here?”


I reach the lumpy spot. “Now, do you feel this?”

“It feels hard,” Shirley squirms, “uncomfortable.”

Another smile of recognition from me. “Yes, it is hard.” As Shirley tunes into the hard tissue I take her back to the soft tissue. “What do you feel here?”

“It just feels good. I don’t feel any pain. I guess I’d say it’s soft.”

Finally, Shirley has gotten the picture. “Yes, the tissue is meant to be soft, that’s why it’s called SOFT TISSUE.”

“Oh. so it being hard is not good?”

“Do you feel the difference between the hard tissue and the soft tissue?” My digits slide over both areas on Shirley’s back.

“Yeah, the hard tissue feels painful. The soft part is comforting, like being wrapped in a cozy blanket.”

“Exactly, the hard tissue contains life deposits, the soft tissue is the natural environment. Tissue gets hard which makes things difficult. When it is soft, everything flows. Soft tissue allows the energy to flow.”

“I like it when I feel the flow, there is no pain.”

“Your body appreciates it as well.”

Shirley’s session continues in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned to learn more about the body and how therapy assists general health as well as specific issues. Until then, be well… Nancy T