So Much Love…

My adventure to the land down under started with a simple thought, “Australia is a place I’ve always wanted to be.” When I broached the subject of going to live in Australia, Beth, my travel buddy, stopped me in my tracks. She said, “I’m not living in Australia. My family is here.” I assured her that when I said “live” I meant an extended stay.
Much goes into planning an adventure in another part of the world. There were stressful days initially, but together we managed to establish a 2 1/2 week start to our journey. 
As I write aboard Flight 35 to Honolulu, I breathe in all the love that has shown itself over the past few months. Once I talked about the trip, more and more people jump on the support bandwagon. Some talked of envy, others of awe. One constant remained; love, so much love.
I love to feel love. To experience love on so many levels from so many people in my life is such a blessing. When people asked, “What will your clients do without you,” my reply was simple. “They will go on.” I have spent thirty years teaching people how to care for themselves, not to rely on me for the cure of what ails them. I spend a great deal of time sharing natural healing methods with whomever will listen. “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life*,” is filled with helpful ways to heal. Knowing my time here on Earth is limited, I continue to share what has enhanced my experience in human form. In addition, I left my Prescott clientele with the names and numbers of three therapists who have assisted me on various levels of healing. Once the initial shock of my long absence faded, the love blossomed.
On my last day of work, Elizabeth and John came for their last session. I have been working with this couple on a regular basis in 2016. Elizabeth is and will always be a traveler whether she is at home or elsewhere. At eighty, she still has a list of places to visit. On Monday, she brought Beth and I a ‘Bon Voyage’ card with three Maori, New Zealand natives, women in full regalia. Elizabeth’s husband John, a spry ninety year old, shared that he and Elizabeth put a Protective Shield around Beth and I for our journey. He recited the prayer which ended, “All is well.” So much love….
The love continued in Honolulu. Prior to our departure I contacted Brooks, the man who brought my books to life. I met Brooks in Prescott, however, he quickly moved back to Hawaii. Brooks assured me that he would do the layout and covers for my books. In the end, he did so much more. Brooks coached me through many ups and downs. In my heart, I know my books would have died a horrible death without this man. 
Dinner was arranged and Brooks picked us up at Equus Hotel. Along the route to the Himalayan Kitchen, we saw more of the island he calls home. The three of us shared a beautiful evening on the patio. We enjoyed great food and incredible company. Following Hawaiian tradition, Brooks treated us to food as well as some tasty ales. Dead Guys ale from Oregon was especially tasty. So much love….
Throughout my travels I bring people with me. Though it may be different, the love of others and from others is so BIG. I know that I am a fortunate one. Somehow, someway I have managed to do as I please in this world AND I continue to gain support along the way. So Much Love… that’s a good send off. Thank you one and all. Be well… Nancy T

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