When Dreams Come True

History was made last night ~ The Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series! Electricity is in the air. It’s been 71 years. October 22, 2016 will go down in history. “We ain’t afraid of no goat!”

Cub fans have been waiting for generations to witness their beloved team WIN the big show. Well, 4 more and there will be mayhem in Wrigleyville, and all parts in between.

When Anthony Rizzo completed the double play to put up a “W” last night, many longtime Cub fans were brought to tears. I witnessed it in my own house as Beth’s eyes welled. Around the 5th inning, the souvenir bat from the 1932 World Series, Cubs vs. Yankees came out as well as stories of fan history.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chicago, it is divided into the North side and the South side. Each claims a baseball team as their own: Cubs & White Soxs respectively. Being a South sider, people wonder: “How can you be a Cubs fan?” If you know me at all, the word rebellious may come to mind. In my teens, rebellion was my favorite past time; that’s when I starting going to Wrigley Field. Opening Day at the Friendly Confines with friends became a tradition every April. We braved the wind, the cold, even the snow at times, to watch the Cubbies start the season. Last night, I know my buddy O’s was screaming from heaven, “Go Cubs Go!!!” Generations of Cubs fans in the heavens above joined in. I’m certain many angel wings were flapping in delight.

The 2016 Chicago Cubs have the best record in baseball. As they enter the World Series, with millions of fans cheering them on, their assignment will be to put up a “W” for the World Series which may be a tall order, but this is the team to do it. I too have heard that before. This time I do believe Cubs fans’ dreams will come true. And when dreams come true endorphins soar and you put up a “W”. Enjoy the BIG SHOW!!!  Be well… Nancy T

Pay It Forward ~ Eric

Nomination letter:

Hi Nancy,

I would like to nominate my boyfriend, Eric.

Eric is a 27-year-old student, and Navy veteran. He graduates this December with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, with a focus on Fire Ecology. His dream is to help serve the world by helping humans better coexist within the environment, and right now, by better managing fire in both wild landscapes, and wild and urban interfaces. He’s working with the Prescott National Forest for his senior project and will leave them with management recommendations so they can better maximize their limited budget.

Recently Eric’s old Navy injuries in his leg and lower back have been acting up, and this has been compounded by the emotional pain of losing his adopted Dad this past month. When Eric first became injured during Navy training, he walked with a limp for several years and dealt with sleepless nights due to discomfort. I believe it was chiropractic work that helped his body heal so that he could return to swing dancing, distance running, and then mountain bike racing with the Prescott College Cycling Team. However, it appears that the pain persists and there is old energy that is coming back to haunt him.

Not only is Eric on the path of helping others, he is dedicated to doing the work to improve himself—intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Although he was raised in a difficult home, he refuses to let this experience determine his health for the rest of his life. Eric is constantly finding mentors, reading books on relationships, and watching documentaries about nutrition!

I think that with Eric’s focus on helping himself and helping others, he would benefit from the knowledge of body connectedness and the movement of old energy through therapeutic treatment. This is one experience that would be new to him, and I believe it is a tool that would complete his “set”. Also, as I know from experience, one session with you goes a long way, and your talents are a priceless, life-long gift.

Please consider offering a session to Eric through your Pay It Forward program. I believe a session with you would help ease both the physical and emotional toll of his loss and pain.

Thank you, Nancy!

Take care,


Treatment: September 2016

When Eric arrived, I was enjoying the front porch. It was a gorgeous sunny day with a hint of a cool breeze. Eric’s tall, lean form appeared before me. “You made it.”

He politely greeted me, “Yes Ma’am.” After Eric completed an intake form we talked.

I explained to Eric that Pay It Forward was about educating the public and gifting someone with an experience that exposed them to Polarity Therapy. I explained how Polarity Therapy works with balancing energy, harmonizing positive, neutral, and negative energy patterns in the body. In addition, I work with traumas by unwinding old injuries. Since Eric was a newbie, I described how an energy session worked. Being fully clothed was acceptable because no oil was used, this was not a massage. We would address as many of his needs as possible by following what Eric’s body guided me to approach. “Let me know if you’re uncomfortable with anything; music, lighting, temperature, or touch. This is Pay It Forward, so you’ll need to Pay It Forward however you see fit.”

“Yes Ma’am. I appreciate this. It is very generous of you.”

“You’re welcome. I have fun. Thank Lisa”

The first thing I noticed scanning the body was tension in the occiput and upper back. “Do you ever get headaches?”

“Yes Ma’am, in the back and top of the head.” I touched the spots to be clear.


We’d come back to those areas throughout the session in numerous ways.

The session included an air treatment; working with the kidneys, shoulders, and heart. Eric informed me of his recent loss which definitely affects the heart chakra (energy center). The right side of the back (kidney area) was very tight and the tissue was elevated. The tension in the right shoulder went from the scapula (on top of the bone) all the way down the arm). Prior to doing a kidney stimulation, I asked Eric, “Are you familiar with working with your breath?”

“Yes,” Eric replied.

“Describe how you work with your breath so that I can follow your lead?”

Eric said, “Since I was a kid I always have taking in my breath and gotten into a meditative pattern while running.”

“OK, go there.”  With the visual in place, Eric’s breath became rhythmic, meditative. I instructed Eric, “Now, bring that breath where my fingers are resting on your back.” The tension around the right kidney, low back, immediately eased. With such favorable results, I reminded Eric of the rhythm, the mediation, the feel of the tissue as it continued to melt. “Follow my hands.” At the shoulder blade I pressed on top of the bone, continuing down the arm with the visualization and breath leading the way to peace. The left side responded quickly, rapidly deleting tension along the way.

After noticing the pressure in Eric’s head, I knew the lower back and sacral points would be important. In Polarity Therapy, opening the opposite end; in this case, the low back which related to the head. The sacral points were positively effective.

While holding Eric’s right shoulder with the right hip I felt a point over the chest activate. Since I was out of hands, I used my breath to move the energy by blowing into the area. It worked beautifully. Finishing the connection by brushing the energy down the body guided it to a point of release.

Eric flipped over, relieved to have his face free of the face cradle. To work with the negative energy and to ground the work that we did on the back, I went to the right foot. The big toe immediately referred to the left neck, sternocleidomastoid (SCM). When I finished stimulating the foot, I went to the cranium. With the involvement of SCM, a whiplash treatment ensued, ending with the SCM to the opposite clavicle. With my hand resting over Eric’s heart I sent love to him and his dad, eventually raising my hand high above the body, working with the heart energy.

Synchronizing the legs and hips was important since Eric was a runner. After we finished the session and his legs were more in balance, he mentioned having severe shin splints in his military career.

Eric was very appreciative of session. He talked about working with a healer in the past who worked with light touch. “I feel completely different. I’m going home to debrief.”

The differences in Eric were very noticeable. When he was leaving he had a nice mellow glow about him. It was a pleasure to work with him. Eric was easy to connect with and his body responded in painless, natural healing ways.

Although this was my last PAY IT FORWARD presently, I loved it.

Thank you to all of the participants and the folks who nominated people. I appreciate all of the love and support. Great stories, experiences, and education for me and the world resulted by my paying it forward. Give it a try. Be well… Nancy T

Eric’s Feedback:

How to describe my experience with Nancy? It’s not an especially easy task. I think most simply it was a pleasure, but it also helped heal me both physically and spiritually. Nancy is a compassionate, gentle and insightful soul. She was patient with me, explaining herself and her processes thoroughly before we began. She is an expert listener, and even during our relatively brief conversation I felt heard, seen and had a sense that she genuinely cared about my well-being. Her home exudes a calm, comforting and peaceful energy. Her treatment was somewhere between a massage and energy work. We set an intention for the session to heal and find peace about my father’s passing. During the session, on an extremely comfortable massage table, I felt tremendously relaxed. Time slipped away from any meaningful passing as she worked, speaking to me here or there about my breathing or releasing tension I was holding in an extremity. We actually spent most of two hours together, but I wouldn’t have had any idea if not for checking my phone upon departing. To be on the receiving end of such care, generosity, kindness and compassion was itself a healing experience, but my leg that has troubled me for so long has been significantly improved over the week since I saw her and I am actually going to attend my first recreational bike race in just a few hours. I have her to thank. It’s actually the first time I’ve ridden since my father passed. I’m not certain yet how I’ll pay this forward into the world, but I so deeply want to and know I will. I would recommend Nancy to anyone looking to heal, or even merely find some peace in his or her life; she is a wonderful person and healer. She’s awesome.

– Thank you Ma’am! ~ Eric