Closing Ceremony

Last Sunday, the 2016 Olympics came to a close. Due to travel, I wasn’t able to view much of the games. What I missed most was watching exquisite bodies in motion and the athletes sharing their talents with the world. Hearing about the latest techniques used to give the Olympians an edge was interesting as ancient therapies became the new rage.

Natural Massage Therapy is preparing for Pay It Forward’s Closing Ceremony which will take place on September 15, 2016. Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward has offered a quarterly FREE session to several fortunate individuals over the past two years.

To continue my lifelong mission which is to serve and educate people about natural therapy (i.e. Massage Therapy, Polarity “Energy” Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Unwinding Therapy, & Trauma Release), I started Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be in my life had I not been blessed in receiving healing touch therapy provided by numerous gifted therapists. Out of appreciation, Pay It Forward was born.

The sessions I have given throughout the program have been amazing. The recipients have shared their unique journeys* and they have been touched in ways they never imagined. Some were newbies, some had massage previously but never energy work, some went deeper than they knew was possible. Each and every one wanted to give me something in return. Of course, I told them to “PAY IT FORWARD.”

I’ve always loved the concept of Pay It Forward. It is so simple, yet so profound. If each of us gives as we receive, the world changes. The benefit; we are moved by the experience and we want to share more.

Although September 15, 2016 is the Closing Ceremony, Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward may come back around in another few years. Just like the Olympics, there will be new blood ready to be touched and to change the world by this great concept.

If you know of someone in need who is willing to share their story, please enter them in Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward.** I guarantee they will be impressed by the Closing Ceremony and all of its fanfare. Be well… Nancy T


** Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward deadline for submission is September 15, 2016.  Please send all stories to

Sweet as…

… the azure sky dotted with white puffs of clouds.

… being totally supported by the lake.

… the stillness within.

… large green trees and luscious lawns.

… swimming freestyle without a ledge in sight.

… a small white flower bathing me in it beauty as it rises from the lily pads.

… basking in Grace.

… minute ripples that push against me as the wind gathers momentum.

… pontoon boat rides.

… bobbing to and fro like a line on a fishing pole.

… familiar tunes.

… being a pea in a hammock pod.

… a kayak gliding over the glass reflection of water.

… communication.

… sea life that surrounds me.

… laughter.

… Sunday morning ~ God’s day.

…  sharing life with others.

… Michigan.

Sweet as… indeed! Be well… Nancy T

BIG Thank You to my sister Kathy and her husband Dan for their generous hearts.