I just finished my quiet time. I prefer to meditate in nature, but when that is unavailable I simply sit quietly and be still.

Lately, I’ve been practicing a heart opening meditation which I like a great deal. It is simplistic yet powerful. As I drop into my heart I open to more of me. In fact, my intention is to open my heart “to me”. This is a premise I have shared with clients who have difficulty opening the heart due to past hurt. Once I chose to open my heart “to me” everything changed. Of course, the more I open my heart “to me”, the more I open to the world…. but me first.

In my therapy studies, stillness was highlighted. Most people think the power of Natural Therapy is in the action–the rubbing and kneading of the tissue. Although that is part of it, it is in the stillness, the pause, where the true healing happens. Stepping away from the action, the chaos, allows the body to settle. To be still is to heal.

Most people say that they don’t meditate because they can’t still the mind. Ah, monkey-brain… it is a powerful distraction. Buddhists say, “See the thoughts as passing clouds.” Simply watch the thoughts pass instead of attach to them. Eventually, the mind stills.

Many things are called a practice and for good reason. If quieting the body and mind were easy, if it took no time or effort at all, most people would do it. But, we need to practice. So, I propose you pause every so often and take a breath, just for you. Think of your heart opening to you and breathe again. Stillness really is that simple. Be well… Nancy T