Get Out

A few years ago, I started walking on a daily basis. Existing in a funky state of mind, walking cleared away the debris which allowed me to find some space, and in turn, opened my mind to new possibilities. Being nestled within the Prescott National Forest, I am fortunate to call nature HOME. Mere words hardly express how nature nurtures. In the words of my friend Kerani Marie, “Humans resonate with nature. Through nature we are ‘tuning in’ to our natural frequency.”

One of my favorite destinations on my neighborhood walk is a healing circle made of granite boulders. The Big Chief stands tall to the northwest. He is a strong, powerful presence at the healing circle. Over the years, many prayers and requests have gone into the healing circle. Beyond the healing circle, a dirt path heads into the forest. Another great spot along the path is sitting above the creek. This year Prescott had quite an abundant flow of water that filled not only the creek but my ears. What an amazing water symphony!

I know what you are thinking, “I don’t live in nature.” I can assure you, nature is everywhere. Every major city has parks, trees, flowers, even gardens. Look around and you will see that Mother Nature is cradling you in some way, shape or form. And even if nature is missing, walking is worth the effort.

Many clients ask me what they should do (exercise, breathing, yoga, weight lifting, etc). My response is always the same, WALK. While walking I see flowers, birds, bees, snow, hail, blue sky, pine trees, neighbors; I hear bird’s singing, water flowing, bees buzzing, wind whistling; I smell the pines and the earth, especially as it rains; I sense LIFE on all levels. AND, it gets me out of my repetitive thought pattern. Walking has been the gift that keeps on giving.

So, “GET OUT” and walk! Step out the door, put one foot in front of the other, and enjoy the view. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you. Be well… Nancy T

Adventurers ~ Why Do It?

This morning on the TV program Sunday Morning, Colin O’Brady captured my attention. Colin not only reached the south and north poles, he summited the tallest mountains on all seven continents, AND he finished in record time; 139 days. What an amazing feat!

Why do it? Some say because the mountain is there you climb. Colin admitted that was part of it. As he was on a summit during the interview he looked over his shoulder at a brilliant scene and said, “And then there’s this.”

Many adventurers attach a cause to their adventure. A few weeks ago, I listened to Chris Seistrup ~ Lost on a Bike ~ share his upcoming adventure. On June 9th, with the bare minimum in tow and surviving on gas station offerings for sustenance, Chris will head from Vancouver, BC down the West coast, cycling 5,000 miles. As the sun sunk, Chris thanked the crowd for contributions made to the Hemophilia Federation. Being a hemophiliac, Chris is very empathetic to the cause, especially hemophilia in children. To contribute:

Why do it? What I gathered from Chris is it’s about learning, exploring, challenging himself and understanding himself on many levels.

The adventures of Tom & Keith continue. In my March 2015 blog, I wrote about my cousin and my nephew. Adventurous: ( Presently, Tom ~The World Walk ~ is in Bogata, Columbia. Check out his fascinating adventure: Keith is completing his year and a half endeavor in New Zealand.

Why do it? For Tom, it started with the loss of two friends. He ventured out with their memories in his heart, the desire to live boldly, to see the world, and to raise money.

Keith purely wanted to explore the world, the people, the culture, the land.

For those who are adventurers, we do things because something speaks to us. For no rhyme or reason, we are drawn to certain destinations, to new discoveries on Earth and within ourselves. Although I am not summiting mountains, cycling thousands of miles nor walking the world, I am an adventurer.

Why do it? To me the answer is simple, WHY NOT? Be well… Nancy T

“When you believe in yourself, and you dream big, anything is possible.”

~ Colin O’Brady