Life Is Better With Friends

Yesterday friends came over for a gathering. In the end, fun was had by all. One friend described it as an event. I like that… we had an event… a “happening.” It was a long time coming, and it felt good to have people in our space. A bonus: all the things that needed to be done around the house were completed for the event and now we reap the benefits.

The therapy room, soundless wind chimes, bountiful indoor plants, recently bedded vibrant flowers, as well as the natural landscape filled with granite boulders drew the most attention.

It was amazing how many people fit in the backyard. Somehow, others arranged things so that everyone could be seen and heard. It was really special. After dinner, the small patio was filled with 10 women doing the Electric Slide, the Cupid Shuffle and any other group dance they could find on the internet. I sat back and enjoyed the show.

An abundance of food, laughter, music, and cheer. My angels have told me to have more fun and I am happy to oblige. Life is better with friends. Be well… Nancy T

Mother Earth

On this Mother’s Day, I honor all of the mothers in this world who have put up with all of the children and their antics. Personally, I have apologized to my mother for putting her through my youth which was not easy, to say the least. But, we both survived and strived in spite of my unruly ways.

Today, driving between Prescott, AZ and San Diego, CA I was in awe of Mother Earth. Each and every day, she supports me on my life path. She cradles me, she fills me with tremendous beauty, and she allows me to step upon her daily.

Along todays journey, there were various mountain ranges, ocotillo blossoming orange tentacles, cacti sprouting shoots of yellow, green and luscious corn fields, large sand dunes appearing out of nowhere, palm trees in groups as well as standing alone, sunflowers saluting the sol, stacks of hay that appeared to be slices of toast, wind turbines that looked like long, delicate digits nearly brushing the ground, boulders stacked into piles creating formations, as well as the sea ebbing and flowing with surfers doing tricks on her back. Ah, and the end of the day with the sun setting over the ocean in various stages of hues as the clouds held back its color and then pushed it forth in a powerful way just so it could pop more beautifully as it touched the horizon in a red glow.

Thank you Mother Earth… for all that you give to me each and every day. Be well… Nancy T