NMT Pay It Forward # 6


Where do I start? I have been seeing Nancy for a few years. She helped me greatly on so many levels…especially with an injury I endured a few years ago. When I saw that she does a Pay it Forward, I chose to Pay It Forward to my brother Michael. He has endured so much on so many levels due to being in the Navy and in Desert Storm War. About 14 years ago he slipped and sustained an injury to his lower back. Michael underwent surgeries, was prescribed medications, and suffered an addiction to meds. That is just the physical side, not to mention where he was emotionally, spiritually and more!

Michael was very grateful to me for giving him this opportunity to benefit from Natural Massage Therapy’s Pay It Forward.

“Thank you Nancy. I am so Grateful for your Kindness! Thank You for who you are, with all your Gifts, and what you do for me and others!” 😉 CeCe


When I first met Michael he was struggling physically as well as mentally. In the Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward session, I noticed how things changed considerably. Michael was able to receive on a very different level. Once intense pain was out of the picture, the session deepened. To start the NMT Pay It Forward session, Michael set an intention for “Release.” Focusing upon his intention, I suggested we work with the breath. I explained, “When talking about the breath it is not only the air we take in, we are inhaling life. In Polarity Therapy terms, we follow the Breath of Life which is Life Force Energy. Consciously inhale the Breath of Life. On the exhale, RELEASE…whatever that means to you.” As I lightly manipulated his spine, Michael followed my instruction. This set in motion a session that focused on the air element.

A recent bout with kidney stones led to instilling a kidney stimulation to Michael’s back. In turn, I employed another aspect of the air element. In Polarity Therapy, each element contains a triad, three related areas with different charges. The air triad engages the ankles (negative energy), the kidneys (neutral energy), and the shoulders (positive energy). With an old injury to his ankle, there was some sensitivity in the negative zone. Of course the breath also plays into the air element so we were joining things on several levels. Following along these lines, I added manipulation of the diaphragm as well. The diaphragm is a large muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. It assists the breath on many levels.

Continuing the session, I was drawn to work with the 5 pointed star which led to cross-current points to open the back. A cross-current refers to touching on side of the body and crossing over the spine to touch another point. Cross current patterns are how we walk, i.e. right arm moves with the left leg. In Michael’s case, cross currents are highly effective in opening the tissue. The calf to opposite shoulder helped Michael to release even more as his adrenals calmed. The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys. Yet another connection.

While unwinding the head, Michael smiled when I placed my baby fingers in his ears. In Polarity Therapy, we use the ears as a sort of crank to balance the cranium and the energy fields. In Michael’s case, his ears were ticklish. They did however bring about greater release which was his intention from the start. Upon leaving Michael said, “ Thanks for opening the energy and helping it to flow.” It was my pleasure. Be well… Nancy T


I just want to write a little something about my personal experience with Natural Massage Therapy, in specific Nancy Turcich. Over the past year-and-a-half, I have had the pleasure of meeting Nancy and having energy and body work done by her. In those 18 months I’ve been able to get off all pain medication that I’ve been on since August of 2000. I have also grown mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally through the work that Nancy has been doing, not just for my body but my whole entire being. Thank you for bringing me to where I am now, and I look forward to learning and growing in our future treatments.

Healing energies,

Michael Reagan

* The deadline for Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward is June 15, 2016. Please submit your entry today: nmt1@naturalmassagetherapy.com

To the coolest 85 year old

April 18, 1931 ~ Chicago, Illinois ~ Lorraine Joan’s birthday anniversary.

April 15, 2016 ~ Austin, Texas ~ To honor our mother’s life, my siblings, along with the outlaws, gathered in the Lone Star State for a fun-filled celebration.

After a morning flight from Chicago, the Austin tour commenced. Beth and I met everyone on 2nd & Brazos. Expected rain vanished, making way for sunny skies. Walking up Brazos, the Turcich crew headed to the largest state capital in the U.S. Everything’s BIG in Texas! The seven story domed building showcased portraits of governors, an antique senate-house chamber, chandelier lighting that spelled TEXAS, and Lone Stars everywhere, including one eight foot star on the dome ceiling. The surrounding grounds were hilly and lush green. Seventeen monuments scattered the acreage. Walking along the Great Walk you could feel as well as sense the history.

Eventually, our thirst kicked in and we landed on 6th St. Sixth is likened to Bourbon St., but at 4pm there was little happening. At Maggie Mae’s we spotted a rooftop patio. There we enjoyed cocktails as well as each other’s company.

After dinner at the Driskill, a wonderful historic building from the 1800s, we weaved through the growing 6th St. crowds. With music blasting across the street, we settled at the Chuggin’ Monkey ~ “Live free, Chug hard!” The music of Johnny Cash as well as other familiar artists entertained us. A loft provided a perfect view of the band and kept us safe from the crazies.

The band reminded the audience that they take special requests. At one point they said,”We have a special request for Lorrie who is here celebrating her 85th birthday. Lorrie, where are you?” Reluctantly, Lor peaked her head over the rail and waved to the crowd. Everyone clapped. What followed was a very rockin’ “Happy Birthday to you.” Lor did her little dance, pumping her arms to the beat. Most of us girls started to Dosey Doe – locking arms and swinging our partners in celebration. After a couple of rounds I went to hug my mom. Tears formed in her eyes as she said, “Who did this?”

I replied, ”Kathy!”

Lor continued, “I don’t like being the center of attention.”

“We love you Ma, just enjoy it for now.” And she did.

The bands rendition of the birthday song added a few obscene verses. Our mother kept dancing, oblivious to the words floating over the airwaves. Hugs, kisses, and I love you’s filled the air. The band cried out, ”Happy Birthday to the coolest 85 year old!!!” I’ll second that emotion.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA… and many healthy year ahead. You are one well loved woman!!!”

Thanks for my life. Love you… Nancy