I Wonder As I Wander

Nearly each day I awake with a song or a line from a song jamming in my head. As I lie there, I attach to the words, the melody, to see if it relates to my dream world or my waking life. This morning, the line “I Wonder As I Wander” played on my internal stereo.

Lately, I’ve been doing just that, wondering as I wander, as I sit in nature. It has helped me to tune into the vibrations of Mother Nature which serves me quite well. Here are some of the things that appeared on my path.

Sun appears through a thin veil of clouds casting light on the granite boulder where I rest my bones. The light illuminates the crystals trapped in the solid mass beneath me. The flakey green lichen clings to the rock as hues of brown and red catch my eye.

The wind comes in spurts, gently grazing the pine needles. Then the breeze builds and a powerful gust shakes the branches fingering the long, thin needles as if it is clearing knots that the last blast had tangled together.

In the lull, the sound of the creek rises and fills my ears with one of my favorite symphonies. Water trickles between the rocks in search of low ground. A raven “balks” overhead.

My mind wanders. My eyes see the forest in front of them, yet they penetrate far beyond the woodlands. My mind fills in the story of people, places and things. “I Wonder As I Wander.” Be well… Nancy T

“I Wonder As I Wander”  Written by John Jacob Niles.