I come from a long line of visitors. In my youth, my family would drop by relatives and friends houses to visit. The elders would talk, the kids would play. Cake, coffee, and snacks would appear. I always felt welcomed.

Many times my Uncle Jerry stopped by our house on his way home from work. To this day, I can see him sitting with my father having a beer as my mother prepared dinner. The three of them would visit. Prior to walking through the door, my uncle did not call, plan, or make his intentions to visit known. He simply showed up.

While in Chicago, I always visited my Aunt Jean who was housebound. No matter how much time I had, we used it well. I think she liked my visits because they brought more of the outside world in. Although I was competing with romance novels, I’m certain my life stories added actual flavor to her life.

I still enjoy visiting. On Thursday, I dropped in on a friend. After he peeked out the door, he smiled and said, “Hold on a sec, I’m in my shorts, I need to throw on some clothes.” I planned to stay for no more than an hour. Two hours later, he was still laughing and sharing with me. He fed me, shared quotes, spoke of the good and bad in his life. We visited, which feels like a lost art.

Visiting has always given me pleasure. It’s great to see people and have some time with them without a grand plan. These days it’s become harder to visit as everyone is so busy. Social media is a visitings place for some. But nothing is better than sitting with someone face to face and visiting. I guess I’m just old school. I still write letters and send cards via snail mail. I can’t tell you how many people appreciate that communication. I don’t know about you but I’ll keep visiting, it suits me just fine.  Be well… Nancy T

The Gift That Keeps On Giving


I am smiling as I write this blog. I just received an email from Charlie, Natural Massage Therapy’s December 2015 Pay It Forward recipient. Charlie informed me that he just Paid It Forward.

Charlie monetarily donated to a network chiropractor. The application of Network Care employs specific low force touch applied to the spine which assists the brain in developing new strategies to unravel spinal cord tension. This allows the nervous system to function more effectively, to increase body awareness, and to promote new wellness strategies. Dr. Laura Polak’s Community Holistic Health Center provides free monthly sessions.(  In Charlie’s words, “She does wonderful work and it will benefit anyone looking for help. The donation will support the center.”

So, it does work. Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward assisted Charlie. In turn, Charlie gifted a center in his community. I started Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward to educate people, to touch them and to give the gift that keeps on giving. My heart is dancing knowing that it’s working.

The deadline for Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward is March 15, 2016. Submit your story soon. Be well… Nancy T