I’ve often thought of videotaping people as they enter and exit a therapy session. To see how a client walks in and to witness them leaving is nothing short of miraculous. It’s amazing what transpires in my presence. I am inspired and guided to assist clients in their healing process daily.

My car used to sport a bumper sticker that said, “Therapy ~ A Natural High!” I have to agree. There is nothing in this world that has come close to what I feel after a therapy session.

To me, receiving Natural Massage Therapy* is like pressing the reset button. Natural Massage Therapy benefits the body, mind and soul. It feels like coming home again. Perspectives open and adjust. People tend to discover more of themselves. As challenges, struggles, or obstacles arise, therapy is like a brush clearing the crumbs that muddle the mind. Muscle tissue becomes smooth as it is stroked and kneaded. Stress and tension ooze from the cells as they are compressed and stimulated. A sense of peace enters and a breath appears as if it has been blown directly into the lungs. Life floats through the body. That’s what it’s like when you press the reset button with the assistance of Natural Massage Therapy. Be well… Nancy T

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Pay It Forward #5 ~ Charlie

Without a submission for Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward* in December, I decided to work with my close friend, Charlie. Due to a blood clot released from his heart, Charlie suffered a stroke in August.

When I first heard about Charlie’s stroke, paralysis instantly popped into my mind. I tend to associate paralysis with strokes. However, with medication as well as a timely response, paralysis may be avoided. Thankfully, Charlie escaped immobility.

After learning about Charlie’s condition, I went to the healing circle near my house and thought of my friend. Rather quickly, I felt pressure on the left side of my head. Generally, when I work with someone I feel things in my own body. To know what is mine is key to recognizing what belongs to the other person, even at a distance. Simply tuning in to Charlie allowed me to sense his injury.

Prior to the Pay It Forward session, I inquired how Charlie was feeling, “I feel off today, nothing in particular, just off.” As Charlie continued to talk, I requested he get on the floor and crawl. Most adults could benefit from crawling, however, few consider being on all fours. Crawling integrates the two hemispheres of the brain and with a brain injury it is a favorable practice. Fortunately, Charlie was game.

Watching Charlie crawl, I was reminded of an elephant slowly trekking across the African savanna. Charlie’s head hung heavy like a large still trunk between his shoulders. The movement of his cranium was barely detectable. After a few rounds, I stopped Charlie, “Please sit and watch me.”

Motion in my cranium escaped Charlie’s view. “As we crawl, the head actually travels side to side. This rotation is really important.”

Charlie practiced while pivoting his head. When he stopped I said, “Now call your spirit home and breathe.”

After a few breaths I asked, “How do you feel?”


“Let’s do some table work.” A BIG smile appeared on Charlie’s face as he followed me to the treatment table.

Upon placing my hands on Charlie’s body the first thing I noticed was excess tension. Charlie is long and lean, somewhat wiry. Compression of the muscle tissue along his spine was apparent. As a matter of fact, most of his tissue felt hard. The human body has a tendency toward rigidity when faced with trauma, which is in survival mode. All of the cells have lined up to charge into battle and they don’t retreat even when the battle is won.

Due to Charlie’s head trauma, stroke, I felt that it was necessary to work with the energy in the lower half of his body. Polarity teaches that the top effects the bottom and the bottom impacts the top. Charlie’s energy was centered in his head where all the positive energy resides. Although that may sound great, without negative energy the system can’t neutralize. Too much positive energy can make our heads spin. It’s all about balance. In Charlie’s body, opening the legs while stimulating the sacrum and the tailbone invited the energy downward by arousing the negative energy. In addition, I concentrated on ether, the neutral energy in the body which includes the spine and joints. Thinking of space created more space. It all worked beautifully.

The temporal bones, located around the ears, are sometimes referred to as the “crazy bones,” as they are easily thrown off. Charlie’s temporal region kept calling to me so I gently palpated them from the posterior as well as the anterior. Charlie commented, “I liked the work you did on my head.”

With the left side of Charlie’s head tense in my cradled hands, I asked him to follow my words. “Feel your tail, it wags just like a dog. The tailbone is made up of small bones at the end of your spine.” Charlie acknowledged my words. As Charlie tuned into his tail I felt the head adjust slightly. Slowly, we worked our way up the spine focusing on the energy of ether or neutral energy.

Evident in crawling, Charlie was lacking a well functioning cross current pattern of energy. Cupping the shoulder to the opposite hip, I held the cross current patterns in his body. Charlie’s tension noticeably eased.

It took Charlie a few minutes to open his eyes. When he did he smiled at me. “How are you feeling?”

“Good, really good. That was beautiful.”

I agree. Be well… Nancy T

Thank you to the 2014- 2015 recipients. The next deadline for Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward is March 15, 2016. Please submit your story asap.

Happy New Year ~ 2016

To ring in the new year I was with friends in a hot tub in Palm Springs. I suggested we go around and share some events from 2015. Sarcasm as well as sweet sentiments filled the air.

It went like this. “Name something good that you experienced in 2015.”

”Um,” long pause. “I have two things.”

“Ok, name two gifts from the past year.”

James started with something good that happened to his partner. Sarah stopped him, “No, something that happened to you.”

Even as Sarah protested, James continued to express the good he felt for her. The rules of the game changed.

After James stated his “two” goodies, I said, “Now, take a breath. Breathe in the good that has come into your life.” I added, “To know what is good, what feeds you is wonderful. You can use that image or event to nurse you in difficult times.”

“Next, state a worry or concern and release it. This time take a breath and blow out whatever you want to release.”

“I need to release this game,” mumbled James. With a smirk in my direction, he happily went on.

“Lastly, name something magical that you discovered about yourself.”

James hesitated and then expressed his discovery. . . “I am an author.”

“Take in a great BIG breath. Come on, BREATHE. That is worth taking in.”

“I am breathing!”

“No, you are holding your breath. You want to take in the realization.” The rest of us took a breath and James soon followed. “Keep breathing. Feel the gratitude for what you learned in 2015. Breathe it into all of your cells.” A noticeable change came over James as he focused on the phenomena. “Ahhhhh. . . . There you go.”

The process continued. Each of us expressed something good, something we wanted to release, and something we discovered about ourselves.

Over the past week I have done this exercise a few times. One friend said, “Haven’t we already done this?” Yet, when she voiced her discovery it was “new.”

“Repeat that.”

Smiling at me she repeated her newfound gift. Discovery can unearth what lays hidden deep inside even when we think we have all of the answers. As you let go of the past, open your perspective and see what arises. You may be surprised to discover more of YOU.

Happy New Year. May 2016 be wondrous, easy, and graceful. Be well…. Nancy T