Move Your Feet

A classic line that I hear every time I plan a BIG adventure is, “How do you do it?” The answer is simple, I plan and I save. Planning is critical. I often hear people say, “I always dreamed of going to___________,” but they don’t put forth the energy to get there. The dream remains just that, a dream. Polarity Therapy maintains, “Energy follows thought.” However, thought alone will not get you there.

My buddy Bob says, “You can pray all you want but at some point you have to move your feet!” Meaning, you need to take action.

In September, I was attending a class in Tucson. On the first day, a friend held up a class flyer and said, “Nancy, we should do this.”

All I saw was the word “Hawaii” which made me smile broadly, but another class was of no interest to me. I replied, “No thanks, but you can go.”

Her eyes cast downward and her beautiful smile vanished. “No, I don’t have the money,” she said.

I countered, “Sure you can, all you need to do is save and GO!” Her smile returned, her eyes shot up, “Really, that’s all?”


Time and money, the biggies. Also, where do you want to expend your energy?

How many times have you heard, “When XYZ happens, then I can____________.” XYZ may or may not happen. If you set reasonable goals, maybe, just maybe, you can get to Hawaii or any other place on this planet. Look up, smile and move your feet… it’s all within your reach. Be well… Nancy T


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