NMT ~ Pay It Forward # 4

Submission by RL:

My sister Katherine is a creative and sensitive soul. She loves animals, more than people sometimes, and will remember a pet’s name better than the person she just met. Katherine has struggled with depression most of her life and recently had a terrible car accident. Her right leg and left shoulder were damaged severely. Her femur went through her pelvis which now has a plate and 5 screws holding it together and the rotator cuff was shredded (Doc said it was in the 5% of worst ever damage). Even though she has put on ‘a brave face’ and improved through the physical difficulties, she has so much stress and emotional pain still held in her. She had two little dogs, Simon and Beau. Simon died a few months before the car accident. Because of her depression a friend suggested she get another dog to replace Simon. Katherine got Sasha which helped her come out of the hole she wanted to go crawl in. As a result of the accident Katherine had to move out of her rental apartment on a horse farm. Another sister and I flew out and moved her things into storage. A friend who has dogs and a horse offered her and her dogs a temporary home. She took the dogs, Beau and Sasha, while Katherine was still in the rehabilitation facility. What an angel to offer a home for my sister and her dogs. A short while after the dogs were at her friend’s, yet while she was still in rehab, Beau, who suffered from congestive heart failure, had to be put to sleep. Losing her car, job, home and two pets in such a short time has been huge. She is not sure if she will get any disability or how long her insurance money will last so your Pay It Forward program is wonderful for all the levels of her situation. The fine attunement I know is possible with you will help her so much in having her whole body come back together after so much trauma. I have shared your story with her and she is very interested in experiencing your work. Katherine will be visiting Arizona in October and perhaps move here for the winter. I would love to have her benefit from your healing talents.

Natural Massage Therapy Session with Katherine:

What a pleasure to gift Katherine a session. Katherine’s sister sent in her story, nominating her for September’s “NMT Pay It Forward.” When I asked Katherine what she knew about “NMT Pay It Forward” she replied, “Well, my sister nominated me because I am in need.” I smiled and said, “There are many people in need, ‘NMT Pay It Forward’ is about educating people through shared stories. When you share your story, others relate and lives change. I find that people identify much better to therapy through the eyes of my clients. Sharing stories endorses Pay It Forward. After this session find someone in need and Pay It Forward.”

Katherine nodded her head and said, “Oh, I get it. Pay It Forward.”

“Exactly, your sister gifted you, now you Pay It Forward.*”

Although Katherine recently experienced several traumatic episodes, her body released very well in the session. Pelvic injuries are tricky. When the pelvis is compromised, usually from a car accident or a fall, it throws off many things in the spine. When I asked Katherine about her body and recent surgery she said, “Mostly, it feels good. I have pain at times, but overall I’d say the surgery was a success.” A great testament to what IS working which helps the healing process.

The session Katherine and I shared was simple on some level. With so many recent changes in her life, it was best to keep the session gentle and nurturing. After sustaining injury, an extended recovery, and loss of everything that was “normal,” Katherine required some loving touch. It was a pleasure to Pay It Forward to such a willing participant.

Katherine hung around while her sister received a session. I found Katherine curled up in the sun like a cat on my porch. I think we did just fine. Be well… Nancy T

Katherine’s experience in her own words:

I feel lighter and completely relaxed. Not tense or hurt or anxious anymore. Having knots and sore spots worked on hurt a little but when the knots “let go,” the whole area around them felt refreshed. Having the work done on my neck and head helped me to relax and let go of tension. I had never had my feet worked on before and I could feel a difference in my feet and up my legs. I felt I would be able to walk without pain. Towards the end, when Nancy worked with the extremities on the opposite sides I day dreamed about a tiger and the predominant colors I saw were an olive green or leaf green and purple. I’m not sure if that means anything, but I thought it was worth disclosing. On the whole, I feel more free to move, and able to direct my movement with less hesitation and no more feeling of plodding, but really stepping, walking without special focus on it, walking freely.

* The deadline “NMT Pay It Forward #5” is December 15, 2015. Please send your nominations to nmt1@naturalmassagetherapy.com.

The F-word

Family, Friends, Fun… what were you thinking?

The Turcich family has a tendency toward celebration. We like to surprise people and to share time with people. For us, it’s about being together. . . Family, Friends, Fun.

However, another F-word comes to mind. . . Fighting. My siblings and I did plenty of fighting while growing up. Fighting, really in your face fighting, rolling around on the floor, pulling hair type of fighting took place in the Turcich household. With eight kids, the family was split by age; the older kids and the younger kids. I fell into the younger kids category. Minus verbal expression, I didn’t physically fight with the older kids. But boy, I had some brawls with the younger kids.

Yet, as adults, we really like each other. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but we manage to get along, to care about each other and to do what we can to be together. Don’t get me wrong, we still fight. Believe me, the Turcich crew says what they feel. Nevertheless, somehow, someway, we come together again because… well, I don’t know why exactly, except that we want to be together. Although they might not always feel it, the “out-laws” are included. The Turcich family is very blessed that everyone comes together and they have kind and generous hearts.

Over the weekend, my little brother Tommy (T) turned the BIG 5-0. Maria, T’s wife, invited anyone who cared to join them to visit Nashville. Being close to T, I knew that I would be wherever he was celebrating his life. I wondered if Music City could handle the Turcichs, Nashville handled us quite well.

For my 50th, nineteen family members flew to Arizona to surprise me (nearly killing me in the process). T was blown away by the crowd that gathered to celebrate him. It’s weird and wonderful, but such a celebration shows you how much you matter.

Another word comes to mind, the L-word. . .Live Love, Laugh. Combined, the L-word and the F-Word make…. Live, Love, Laugh with Family & Friends AND have FUN!!! I know T will lock this one in the memory bank and pull it out as needed. My 50th still reigns high for me with the F-word fully attached. Be well… Nancy T

HAPPY 50th T ! ! ! And, many more!