Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes

I returned from my Caribbean adventure grateful for my life and ready to make some changes. I have been offering “1st Thursday Energy Play Series” for some time now. I intentionally left it open ended, meaning whatever was of interest to the group we followed. Personally, I loved the freedom. There was little planning which allowed me the ability to let things flow. It was a “pick my brain” sort of forum. I now realize that it may have kept people away.

To leave things open-ended makes many uncomfortable. There are those who need to know exactly what is happening; the how, where and when eases their minds. Others love the freedom of “what will be will be,” but they don’t have the funds or time to participate. And then there are the ones who would love to do it, know they need to do something, but they just can’t get themselves to step into something new or different. For those reasons, I decided to change “1st Thursday Energy Play Series” at Natural Massage Therapy. As the title of this blog implies, it will go through changes as people take notice.

For over 29 years I have  been an educator of Polarity Therapy or energy movement. I probably always will be. Without it, I can’t imagine where I would be. Tuning in to my energy self, I have been able to accomplish many great tasks. The most important; living a “pain-free” life. That said, I’ll add, “It’s a practice, not a goal.” I can tell you, it took a lot of energy to make that happen. Thankfully, I always knew I was worth it. The time, the money, the anger, the agony, the joy, the relief, the gathering of pieces . . . it all led me to ME in such a beautiful way. It also showed me my passion which is to share it with everyone. Believe me when I say, it has NOT been easy.

We all say we want change, but when push comes to shove, we side step, push back or simply walk away. Oh, I forgot the biggie or we blame something or someone for our life being the way it is. Hey, I get it. Change rocks the boat. Although we know it is needed and necessary for our growth, we fight it; we fight it A LOT.

I propose a change to “1st Thursday Energy Play Series.” Certain people come to mind who could and would benefit from information stored in my body, mind and soul. I’m willing and able to share. Even though Polarity Therapy sounds strange, it is really quite simple. Life is all about balance, that’s polarity. The skills that I possess have given me tools to help maintain balance and to grow stronger. That is what I share with my family, my friends, my clients, my world AND in “1st Thursday Energy Play Series.” For now, I am offering targeted play for specific individuals. If you have an interest or a particular need, please contact me ( and I will do my best to design a “1st Thursday Energy Play Series” for you and a friend. I will invite others to the play to make it more interesting and beneficial to all. That will keep the cost down as well as serve you better because healing is more profound when we gather.

I have made my first offer and I am waiting to hear back from the possible attendees. Although I am ready, I’m not sure they are so patience is something I continue to call upon. But ,with my knowledge, with my skills, I am growing antsy because I AM READY TO PLAY. Are you?

Whether I contact you or you contact me, I know that “1st Thursday Energy Play Series” is a gift from the universe to be shared by many. Of course this can be done near or far, meaning we can physically come together at Natural Massage Therapy or we can virtually share online. The choice is up to you. Cha’, Cha’, Cha’, Changes, they are right at your fingertips. Be well… Nancy T

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