Where Am I?

Dark blue, light blue, blue-blue sea.

A cool tropical breeze constantly circulating through every room of the house.

Green rolling hills reveal the artistry of Mother Nature.

Baby turtle heads pop to the surface, hover for air and then quickly disappear only to reappear.

Surf curls to shore creating the most magnificent, mesmerizing sounds.

Stingrays go airborne and do belly flops.

Cruise ships signal the end of another day in paradise.

Roosters crow, not at the break of day but multiple times throughout the day.

A giant sea turtle passes and heads out to sea.

Sea planes rise and fall, coming in low or high depending on the wind.

The fluttering wind plays the palm leaves like an instrument, producing amazing lullabies.

Parasails with tourists in tow add vividness to the sky.

Spotted rays fly through the water unencumbered.

Mangrove roots dance as the tide moves them like fingers in the shallow water.

Tugboats escort barges.

Sea fans and sponges sway below the surface with grace and ease.

Cargo ships unload day and night, creating a ruckus that somehow takes me deeper within.

Moisture erases all signs of Arizona skin.

Laughter makes my sides ache.

Wonderful friends share all that they have.


Ah yes, this is the Caribbean. Be well…. Nancy T.

Why is it? 

Why is that we are on the cusp of healing or nearing its path and we turn tail and head for the hills?

Through the years, I have carried my share of baggage, i.e. trauma. Falling from a cliff shattered my spine, fragmented my spirit, and created trauma. Natural therapy showed me, quite physically, how I stored trauma in my tissue and how liberating it is to set it free. Without natural therapy, I fear I would have encountered several surgeries to relieve the stress in my spine. It frightens me to think of where I would have ended up, and how out of touch with my body I would have become.

Maybe that’s the answer––people are so out of touch with themselves that they hold on to what they know; be it pain, anxiety, depression, or disease. The body is out of balance. However, it finds ways to cope and to keep going. The human form is a survival machine. Personally, to simply survive is not enough. I need to experience the world on all levels.

I remember the first time I felt energy while working on another person. I had fallen asleep in class, missing the instructions. When the class stirred, I woke, looking around rather dazed. “What are we doing?” My partner Ralph said, “Just take your hands and run them down my back without touching me.” That sounded simple enough. I wiped the sleep from my eyes, stepped back from Ralph and ran my hands down his posterior. About halfway down, my right hand was thrown back. It felt as if something had pushed me away, forcibly yet gently saying, “No, not here.”

Ralph remained facing forward until I said, “What was that?”

Unfazed by the incident, he said, “What?” Ralph had no idea what just took place, but the force of energy emanating from his back, the way it pushed my hand away, that left a mark on my life.

Therapy can change people’s lives. Perhaps they are not ready and that is why they turn away. Carrying bags, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual totes impacts us. It fills our cargo container and it weighs us down.

I realize that nearly 30 years in the holistic health field has influenced my understanding of the power to heal. I don’t discard other healing methods, although some tend to leave traces of trauma in their wake. However, when I see people turn away from the health borderline, it really makes me want to pull, grab, throw or toss them over the line. But, just as a caterpillar needs to struggle on its own to break free of its cocoon in order to fortify its wings, clients need to struggle, to battle within, and to know that when they step over the line they will find boundless pieces of themselves. They will be able to take a breath, perhaps for the first time in years. They will know that they are more than their trauma, their pain. They will fly like the butterfly, free and easy.

From my perspective, it’s far better than the other side of the line. Be well… Nancy T

* This blog is dedicated to my cousin Jackie who passed away June 28th. Like the butterfly, she is now free to fly.