Pay It Forward #3

Story told by LL:

I have a dear friend, Aspen Dawn, who has been through so much in the last couple years. I will just touch on a few of the highlights. She had breast cancer several years ago. Then last year Aspen Dawn got really sick, ended up in the hospital where she picked up some form of MRSA. The infection was so bad they had to take out her reconstructed implants. It was a long recovery. Just prior to this time her husband’s mother passed so they took in his father. Turns out he has some dementia. Aspen Dawn found out a few months ago that she now has lung cancer. As you can imagine a little stressful. They finally had to put her father-in-law in assisted living. This lady just keeps going on and is a very positive, caring person. She is an inspiration to me. I would love to Pay It Forward to my friend, Aspen Dawn.

Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward Session with Aspen Dawn:

Meeting Aspen Dawn for the first time I never would have known all of the stress that she has encountered. A beautiful, vivacious woman stood before me. I welcomed her and escorted her to the therapy room. Once she completed an in-take form, I asked, “What do you do for yourself? What helps you to feel good?” The question seemed to throw her. A puzzled look appeared on her face. I continued, “Things like walking, yoga . . .” her eyes lit up at the mention of yoga. Pure joy filled the room. “So you like yoga?”

Aspen Dawn shook her head and said, “Due to medication my muscle tissue easily tears. I was told to stop doing yoga. I love yoga. At the gym, I get on the floor and do a very light version on my own, but no more classes for me.”

“Well, let me tell you, yoga is good for you, so keep on doing it within your limits. It’s what I call your resource, something that makes you feel good and it brings you back to you. Your love of yoga will help you as long as you don’t push it.”

For her comfort, I asked Aspen Dawn to start the session laying on her back. As soon as I cradled her head I was referred to her right hip/leg. I hung out at the cranium for a bit and then went to the right hip. Using Polarity Therapy techniques, I lightly manipulated the tissue. I traced it down the outside of the leg to the knee, slightly in, then down to the ankle. As I worked, Aspen Dawn asked, “Are you psychic or something? That’s exactly where I have been feeling pain. It’s like you are barely touching me but it is so sore.”

“I’m just following what the body tells me. It kept telling me to go to the right hip/leg.” I use sessions to educate clients. I explained that I was working with the water element in the pelvis. As a hairstylist, being on her feet all day also impacts the water element. I also employed the air element which effects the shoulders, heart and lungs. With lung cancer, the air element is very important to open.

Aspen Dawn spoke of anxiety which comes when she is unable to breathe. I showed her the belly rub and extended it to the ribs and breast bone. Her ribs were in defense mode, pushed forward, especially on the left. Aspen Dawn shared, “The surgeon said it was really hard to get the implant in after cleaning up the infection. It’s really sore there.” Due to a mastectomy and surgery, Aspen Dawn has little feeling around the breasts. While I was lightly brushing the tissue she said, “I do little circles around my breasts. I don’t know why, I don’t feel very much, but it’s what I do.”

It always amazes me and pleases me to know that the body does get what it needs even if we are uncertain why we do things.

While working with the ribs I told Aspen Dawn, “We are looking for the ribs to slide back and down.” I held out my arms in a forward circle and said, “This is how your ribs are now.” The visual helped Aspen Dawn to understand the action necessary and the ribs eventually slid into home.

As the right side fell into place she replied, “So that’s what you meant.” Release and freedom of the ribs means more room for the lungs to move and fill. For Aspen Dawn, that means increased mobility of the ribcage and greater expansion in the lungs.

While I was working on the left side of the body Aspen Dawn’s right leg jumped significantly which surprised her. I said, “Did it feel electric, like a shock?”


“That’s energy, that’s your body discharging. Do your best to just let it happen.”
As I was working the jaw (related to the pelvis) and occipital region of the head, several jerks followed down the right side. She said, “They were different than the first one. I could feel them building up and then release. The first one just shot through me.”

“That’s energy.”

A rolled up towel cushioned Aspen Dawn’s breasts when she laid on her belly. I did some Polarity Therapy connections on the back and followed by a chakra balance. Things were calm, her breath was even, her ribs were moving freely, and energy in the spine was flowing. I closed the session, leaving her to rest.

Aspen Dawn was more than pleasantly surprised by the results. She had never heard of Polarity Therapy but she embraced it, especially when she felt her tissue ease.

When Aspen Dawn went to hand me money, a tip, for the session, I stopped her saying, “This is Pay It Forward, I won’t take money for the session. Pass it on to someone else. That’s a true Pay It Forward.
“I sure will. Can I buy a gift certificate for my daughter? She would love this experience.”

“That I can do.”

As with each Pay It Forward, it was an honor to work with Aspen Dawn. Her acceptance, willingness to try something new, ability to feel and trace her own energy all created an amazing experience for me. Pay It Forward is a gift to others as well as a huge gift to me. If you know someone in need, please tell their story so that others may benefit. That’s what Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward* is all about. Be well… Nancy T

Feedback from Aspen Dawn:

I never would have thought about being able to get my internal energy to help me, or at least not in the way the polarity did! I was raving about it & one of my survivor friends will be calling you. I was a little sore the next couple of days. Since you hardly rubbed me I found that odd. I slept like a baby too! Thank you so much for introducing me to a whole new option that does work.    ~ Aspen Dawn