Pay It Forward ~ 2

No matter how many years I do bodywork or how many people I touch, I am continually fascinated by the human body. That was never more true than working with Sharon, the 2nd Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward winner.

Sharon has had health issue all of her life, from being born with a cleft palette to scoliosis. She spent most of her youth in the hospital. Yet, her ability to move and get around is astonishing. Although Sharon uses a cane, it seems to be there for periodic instability more than anything else.

The first time I met Sharon, her spunk and her willingness to continue moving even while in constant pain stood out. As soon as she rested upon my table, I knew she trusted me as her breath deepened and her body softened. In Sharon’s words, “I just kept telling my body to relax.” Ah, if only it were that simple. 

Sharon and I have shared two sessions together. In the first session, she laid on her back and I performed several techniques to unwind her structure. I noticed tension in the right cheek almost immediately. I worked with the cranium and around the jaw to gently ease the tissue. The pressure in Sharon’s chest from the curvature in her spine was relieved by going under the shoulder blades and unwinding the arms. Unwinding Therapy is highly effective when dealing with twisted tissue, which in Sharon’s case, was the result of scoliosis.

With a brace holding her left foot flexed so she can to walk without falling, Sharon holds tension in the calf and foot. Polarity Therapy provided space where the tissue was rock hard prior to the session. Although the brace is a lifesaver, it also forces the tissue to remain in place which creates rigidity.

During the second session I asked Sharon to start on her belly so I could easily access her spine. Working with Polarity Therapy, I did cross-currents to relieve some of the pressure on each side of the body. Cross-currents are highly effective for scoliosis because they cross over the spine and disperse tension from each side of the body. Also, balancing the skull and lower back is crucial to easing spinal tension.

I’m happy to say Sharon has been highly receptive to Polarity Therapy and Unwinding Therapy. Sharon said, “You know just the right spots to touch.” It’s been a pleasure to share so much and to witness such profound changes in such a short time.

* The next deadline for Natural Massage Therapy’s Pay It Forward is June 15, 2015. Please submit a story of someone you know who could benefit from a therapeutic life change.