Many people are perfectly content to stay home and enjoy their creature comforts. But, for those of us with wanderlust, we need to venture out into this world, to shake off the known, to step outside of our luxurious surroundings for parts unknown.

Presently, my nephew Keith is on a big adventure. Keith, 25 y.o., quit his insurance job and set out to travel the world for a year. He had a few things planned, but Keith consciously chose to leave the door open for what might come his way. He’s an Aries so I know he is well in charge of his one man band.

Keith started his journey this year by heading to Thailand. When Keith mentioned receiving Thai massage in his correspondence, Aunt Nanc smiled. He loved it and planned more. YEAH!

Keith has met many people along his trek. He learned to scuba dive. The pictures from his dives showed a happy, healthy, mellow Keith.

Keith is a guy who wants to know the locals. In Cambodia, he ended up going out all night on a fishing boat. A woman wanted to go, but the fishermen said women were “bad luck” so no one would take her out to sea. Keith stepped in and she graciously planned it all for him. Keith enjoyed what she could not.

On April 2, 2015, my cousin Tom Turcich, Jr., another adventurer, will set out on a world walk on his 26th birthday. In honor of some friends who have passed away, Tom is doing a trek of a lifetime. With an aluminum cart filled with his gear, he is going to walk 7 continents. Yes, WALK! Tom estimates the voyage will take 5 years to complete. In his words, “The longer I wait, the more responsibilities I have. Now I’m capable enough, I’m willing enough, and I’m not jaded enough. It’s time to go.”

Tom plans to travel about 22,000 miles in all, starting with the East Coast of the United States, over to Texas, into Mexico, through Central America, down the west coast of South America, into Argentina, and then on a boat to Antarctica. He plans to fly home for a visit and then take a flight to Europe to continue his trek. His itinerary also includes some North African countries, China, and Australia. A local radio station will maintain and update Tom’s website. Feel free to follow and support him at

Adventurous: daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm. YES, these two young men are adventurous.

In the words of my cousin Tom, “Pay attention to life.” I’d add; “And have FUN doing it. Happy travels & Peace to all.” Be well… Nancy T.

What is it . . .

. . . about sunrise and sunset that attracts a crowd?

. . . about the ocean that lures us to it?

. . . about flowers that catches our eye and captivates our senses?

. . . about the sound of waves that lulls us to sleep?

. . . about palm trees shimmering under a bright blue sky that conjures up thoughts of paradise?

. . . about watching surfers that fills us with awe?

. . . about a vacation that brings us a new sense of SELF?

. . . about nature that nurtures?

. . . about pelicans flying in formation that makes you wonder, should I follow?

. . . about the vastness of the sea that calls to us?

. . . about eating a sandwich while staring at the ocean that makes it taste so GOOD?

. . . about life that makes you want to get up and cheer?

Be well…. Nancy T