NMT ~ Moving Energy

Even the best of us lose our way at some point in time. We “get off track”, we feel “lost”, we wonder ~ “what’s it all about”, we may even question our sanity.

I began the title of my memoir * “Finding My Way . . .” to honor my process. I have yet to find all the answers to my questions or my life purpose. However, each and every day is an opportunity to find my way.

As I sift through the tales I’ve been told and the stories that I tell myself, I’m finding my way. “Finding My Way” to what you may ask? “Finding My Way” to me, silly!  With each step I take and with each breath I invite into my body, I am finding more of ME!

In my 29 years as a energy therapist, I have assisted numerous people in their healing process. Along the way, I have encountered some desperate folks who have claimed that I am their last resort. It’s been a privilege to aid them to find their way. There is no magic bullet, no one size fits all method that brings lost souls back to themselves. A common thread, however, is when clients feel heard and acknowledged for what they are experiencing in the moment. I have the ability to listen and reflect back to them what is truly important.

In order to truly hear someone and to understand their pain I believe we need to explore our own ghosts. Being a “thinker”, I have spent countless years doing so. Falling from a cliff in my youth offered me deep insight into physical pain. It also opened my eyes – internal and external – to the intricacy of how the body functions. Initially, I wondered if they swapped my body for another figure in the hospital. In time, the changes in my newly reconstructed body bestowed upon me innumerable lessons in trauma and recovery.

Grief, like I’d never experienced, hitched a ride on my brother’s suicide.* It presented the opportunity to know sorrow to the depth of my soul.

Fortunately, I’ve discover that I don’t have to rehash everything to learn from events in my life which is a blessing in itself. However, the tools of my therapy trade have helped me “Find My Way” time and time again.

In my bio on my new website I state three things that people should know about me.

  1. I love playing with energy.
  2. I love having FUN.
  3. I love going deep.

I’m happy to report, personally as well as professionally, I immerse myself in what I love everyday.

It was exciting to launch my new website, www.naturalmassagetherapy.com. Please take a moment or two to scroll through the site to see everything Natural Massage Therapy offers and share the link with your family, friends and associates. With internet access and video chats, Natural Massage Therapy services have expanded beyond what can be physically manipulated. Our services may touch anyone, anywhere. “Find Your Way Program” has countless options including Natural Massage Therapy coming to YOU. Tandem therapy energetic sessions connect you and your partner which is truly PRICELESS. Mini sessions gets you started to “Find Your Way.”

Let’s not forget 1st Thursday “Energy Play Series” which introduces folks to energy bodywork in a safe and fun environment.

“Pay It Forward” is a great way to show someone you care about how they impact the world. The next “Pay It Forward” drawing is March 15th so please send your entry soon.

Well, this is getting long-winded. It’s time for me to go for a hike and have some FUN in nature. I continue to send warm thoughts to those in the deep freeze as well as those struggling to find their way. Remember, NMT is just a click or phone call away. Be well… Nancy T

“My intention: simply to nurture by moving energy.” ~ Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, BCPP

* Books available at www.naturalmassagetherapy.com: “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life” and “One of Eight–my perspective on our brother’s suicide.”

There Comes A Time

There comes a time when we look back and say… “Please give me my life back.” The first time that happened to me was when I fell off a cliff* at age nineteen. At the time, I thought my life should be different. After my flip from the cliff’s edge I pleaded for the return of my “old” life which changed within a second. I begged for what I had, no matter how imperfect. All of the sudden, my old life looked pretty good. Funny how a second can separate an old life from a new life. But the reality is, split seconds change lives.

While in the hospital and through my recovery, I wished for what I had. The other day I was thinking similar thoughts… wishing things were different. And then it occurred to me… “watch for what you wish for because in a milli-second it can all be very, very different.”

This led me to a place of gratitude. I started looking around, appreciating what was right in front of me, realizing that what I want to change will change with time and effort. I whispered a silent wish in my ear for patience and kindness in order to move forward.

When life and death issues arise, we often wish for our old life back. When things aren’t going our way we do the same thing. What we are really doing is living in the past and projecting into the future. My friend Nancy reminded me to invite “compassionate presence” into my life. That sounds so amazing… compassionate presence! 

And so, with compassionate presence as my guide I walk my path knowing that there will come a time when I look back and wish things were different. There will come a time when I jump ahead and wish for something more. But, with compassionate presence I will do more for myself and I will be more in myself. That is the gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy the moment… the present. Be well… Nancy T

* For more information about Nancy’s fall purchase “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life,”available at http://www.naturalmassagetherapy.com