Pay It Forward ~ Success

Natural Massage Therapy’s 1st Pay It Forward session was remarkable. Pam and I easily connected. After we spoke for a short time, she said, “I could leave right now. I feel like I’ve already had a session.” However, once she was on the table, I think she was happy it didn’t end there.

From my perspective, connecting with an individual is the beginning of a good therapy session. Without a connection, it is difficult for someone to trust a therapist AND it is more difficult for a therapist to tune in to a client.

Pam had done her homework by searching the web for Polarity Therapy. I explained Polarity Therapy this way; “Every cell in the body has a positive, neutral and negative charge. Polarity Therapy is simply about finding neutral or balance.”

After my explanation Pam replied, “I wish the websites that I searched explained it that way.”

While on the table, I took the opportunity to further educate Pam. Lesson #1: How to let go of a muscle. Although that may sound easy, most people need consistent reminders to let go and not help too much which engages the muscles. To relax is not as easy as it sounds.

Pam felt energy moving rather quickly. “It feels like my leg is tingling.”

“That’s energy moving.”

During the intake, Pam told me of an unpleasant experience she had with a massage. She was left with a migraine. As I was holding her head she expressed a slight fear that she may get similar results from our session together. We talked about the possibility of the previous headache resulting from a healing crisis or dehydration. I also physically demonstrated the difference between working with energy and digging at the tissue. Then I said, “Now, see the results that you are seeking and we’ll go from there.”

I introduced Pam to resourcing. Resources help us find our center, to be with ourselves, and to move forward. Creating a list of resources is a great asset for everyone. They can help us through any crisis.

As the session came to a close, Pam opened her eyes and said, “I feel so relaxed but also energized.”

“What a great combination,” I replied. Throughout the session, I continued to point out the difference between tense tissue and relaxed tissue, so that Pam understood a relaxed state on a cellular level. I’m happy to say she got it.

Before leaving Pam offered a monetary tip. I told her, “Thank you, but this is Pay It Forward. Pass it on to someone in need.” Pam thanked me again and we parted ways.

It was an honor to work with Pam, a true giver, who was receptive to something out of the ordinary. Pam assured me that she will Pay It Forward and share her experience of Polarity Therapy with colleagues, patients, friends and family as she completes her nurses training. I’m certain she will share a great deal with many people as she moves ahead in life.

Pay It Forward works. I received a great deal by paying it forward. The chain will continue as Natural Massage Therapy Pay It Forward touches more lives. March 15, 2015 is the next deadline, so submit your nominee soon. To nominate someone, just write their story and send it to Nancy T. Future drawings will be in June, Sept, and Dec 2015.

What a privilege it is to Pay It Forward. Give it a shot. Be well… Nancy T.

2014 in review

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