Pay It Forward ~ AND THE WINNER IS . . .

Storytelling has been a major part of my life. In order to share my stories with a greater audience, I wrote two books.* People relate to others through their stories, their history, their life experiences. Countless clients have laid upon my table due to my history; a spinal injury. They say, “You know pain. I know you can help me.” Each of us has a story. That premise sparked Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward. Hearing other people’s stories, told by someone who cares about them is a gift. It is something I wanted to offer and share with others.

After I announced Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward via email, my friend Dorice said, “Sorry, I can’t think of anyone in Arizona to nominate for Pay It Forward. Thanks for once again giving of yourself and sharing your gifts.”

I replied, “Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward, is open to all. I can provide services to anyone, anywhere.” Pay It Forward offers a FREE session with Natural Massage Therapy. Although that typically includes bodywork, I am able to help others in many ways, so do not hesitate to nominate anyone, anywhere and Pay It Forward. I’ll explain more about how that works in 2015. For now, enjoy Pam’s story below. It is a gift from Dorice to her sister-in-law.

Dorice’s words affirm why Pay It Forward is so valuable. It reaches to the heart of the matter and let’s others know that they are important. Remember, March 15, 2015 is the deadline for the next Natural Massage Therapy ~ Pay It Forward. Be well… Nancy T.

And the winner is . . . PAM EXLINE!!!

I feel Pam is deserving because she has always been committed to service and healing. She started her career as a aide at Palos Hospital. Because she liked being in the medical field and helping others, she became an EMT and moved into a paramedic position. Soon after, she qualified for the Orland Park Fire Department as a firefighter paramedic. As the first female in the department, Pam struggled with discrimination and being treated as if she was not competent. With continuing education and excellent service, she rose to senior and highly sought after engineer positions. Pam took extra training to participate on rescue teams. The most difficult and traumatic task was searching for a baby in the Cal-Sag River as part of the dive team. Pam retired after 25 years on the force so she could attend nursing school. At age 50, Pam is a full time nursing student. After her many years of service, Pam will start a second career focused on caring, service, and healing.  Pam has a passion for learning and is open minded. With exposure to the many alternative modalities that Natural Massage Therapy offers, Pam could bring that knowledge into her nursing work and share with others who will benefit. A treatment would open Pam to the benefits of Polarity Therapy. She could then share with colleagues and patients, exposing them to alternative therapy, something they may not have considered.

* To purchase “One of Eight–my perspective on our brother’s suicide” or “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life,” please visit

Tips from one who knows

As the holiday season approaches many people lack good cheer. When I read “Tips from one who knows” I was blow away by Jonathan’s wisdom. His words are more than worthy of a blog. Jonathan’s tips apply to our overall health. What a gift! Be well… Nancy T.

“Tips from one who knows” ~ Jonathan Cohen (Quixote’s Garage- Prescott)

I know more than just a couple of people who must take conscious care of their mental health. I have fought depression and anxiety since I was 10 years old. Yeah, diagnosed at 10. Since then, I’ve discovered some things that help. Not many, and not always enough, but a few:

~ Exercise regularly, particularly in the morning. And eat breakfast immediately (not more than 30 minutes) after waking up.

~ Eat good food, with plenty of vitamins. And bananas and eggs to your diet.

~ See new places. Don’t spend any time in your bed or bedroom when you are not sleeping. Get outside every day, even if only for a few minutes.

~ Funnel as many different kinds of stimulation into as many different senses as you can. Open the curtains and let a lot of sunlight in. Fresh air too, weather permitting.

~ Figure out activities to distract from excessive inner dialogue. Cut to commercial. You know how TV and radio hosts will just spontaneously cut to a short break when something unexpected happens? You can do that too.

~ Go to SLEEP at night, so you don’t hear the moon sighing. GO TO SLEEP.

~ Touch and get touched – massages, head scratches, whatever.

~ Working with clay, the tactile manipulation is a great salve for the nerves.

~ Listen to the world, and smell things, and look at all the colors and textures, but also reserve a little time for pure quiet.

~ Be aware of your respiration. It’s really easy to hold or clip your breath unconsciously in times of stress, and that helps hardly anything.

~ Let people love you Do anything you can to love them back.

I think we all have a responsibility to take conscious care of our mental health–diagnosed or not. Being a decent human being is a tough job a lot of the time.