Full of Thanks

On Thursday, when your bellies are full, give thanks. Be FULL of thanks.

To be in a state of appreciation raises our energy level as it opens us to more of the good life. Gratitude can be as small as “Thank you for this breath,” to as large as “Thank you for every moment I walk this Earth.”

Personally, when gratitude is with me, everything is better. All that I have can lead me to being full of thanks daily. Like watching the leaves fall and float on the crisp autumn breeze as the sun warms my skin. I can’t say why I notice such things one day and pass them by the next day. Instead of wasting my energy figuring out “why” I do or don’t notice such elegance, I appreciate the moment, the experience of being full of thanks.

I am full of thanks for my life. I am full of thanks for my family, friends, home, car, travel, therapy, clients, and nature. As gratitude fills my belly and my life, I feel lighter, happier, more ALIVE!

Fill your bellies, fill your life with thanks. Happy Thanksgiving. Be well… Nancy T.


They say if you have a handful of friends, consider yourself lucky. Tallying my list of friends, I consider myself truly blessed.

As I’ve gone through my ups and downs, my friends have been with me all the way. The depth of our bond has startled and amazed me, especially in the down times. When things go south, I expect people to scatter like flies. To my surprise and delight, my friends have come to me and remained by my side. They have gifted me with their presence and their love. My friends have embraced me in my sadness and brought me joy when all I could feel was pain.

I recall a class I attended years ago with my friend Kerani. The instructor asked if someone was willing to lend support and stand behind Kerani. Immediately I said, “I will,” and I jumped to my feet. A photo documenting the event shows Kerani sitting, appearing somewhat small, with me standing like a giant behind her, supporting her. In that moment, I was fully present with my friend. There was a great power being there for her to lean on. However, for me to ask for help or to show my vulnerability was difficult. It was also highly rewarding. As a therapist, I am used to helping others. Turning the tables provided much needed insight into how my friends can and will assist me.

I’m so grateful for the friendships I have established in my life. For all the laughter and the tears, I thank each and every one of you. You know who you are.

Today is the day to reach out to your friends. You’ll be happy you did… and so will they. Be well… Nancy T.

Happy Birthday Kerani… And many more…