Oregon Coast ~

Sunset Bay Campground, Oregon: After a long ride from the redwoods we hung out at the campground in a leisurely morning fashion. Our first stop: “Simpson Reef” where we watched the Elephant seals, Harbor seals and Sea lions. Volunteers armed with information stood at the point. Through the volunteer’s telescope, sea life lounging on the rocks came into view. Many “dog-like” faces popped out of the sea as the seals surfaced. The female volunteer pointed out pigeon guillemots, birds that hang out with sea lions. The pigeon guillemots are black with white sideways eyedrops on their wings. Their unique features are red feet and bright red mouths which they display when they land and express themselves. I managed to capture an iPad photo through the telescope of the lounging sea life. It looked like a half moon, dark on one side and various shades of brown seals and sea lions on the bright side.

At North Cape Arago, we enjoyed our lunch feast which included olives, cheese, shrimp, artichokes, Thai quinoa over greens with a side of Red Hot Blue chips dipped in pesto. Seals surfaced in the ocean giving us a show. The Oregon Coast was magnificent.

Beth and I walked the point and down to the beach. While resting on a log, we heard the surf echoing from a distance. It sounded like it was right next to us even though it was across a large bay. Tons of wood filled the bay creating natural art.

At the stone lookout, Beth spotted a whale spout. Through binoculars we discovered another and another. Gray whales graced the coast. A family of three swam in the bay before us. Periodic water spouts distinguished them from the vast blue sea. What a treat!

In Coos Bay, “7 Devils Brewery” quenched our thirst. Their motto: “Small craft brew advisory in effect.” Beth and I shared a table with some locals. Interestingly, the woman who lived there for over twenty years, had never seen whales offshore. That tidbit made our day all the more special.

Back to the campground for a campfire. While writing a blog, I felt moisture sprinkling over me. Beth fetched the umbrella which I attached to my chair. With a roaring fire to my right, having an umbrella overhead made me feel a little unsettled. Beth kept an eye on the sparks; so did I. While I was hiding under my umbrella dome, a guy walking down the street said, “Oregon camping.” Beth laughed. I didn’t move a muscle for fear of being set on fire. The umbrella did keep me warm and free of moisture. Thankfully, I was also flame free.

With an early start in the a.m. we retired. The Oregon Country Fair awaited. I looked forward to warm temps  inland and unique sights. I can tell you, I was NOT disappointed. More on that later. With fresh tuna and smoked steelhead in the cooler, we left Charleston, OR. and headed to the fair. Be well… Nancy T.

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